I am primarily a painter, but I also combine printing techniques and three dimensional elements in my paintings. I’m interested in working with new materials. I have for example painted on aluminum plate, ceramic tiles, mirror tiles, panel doors, glass windows and so on. From time to time I go back to painting on canvas. I like to use recycled materials. For example, I received ceramic tiles due to a kitchen renovation. I mostly use acrylics, but occasionally I also use oil color.

In my paintings there are mostly human characters. The models I use are people close to me or myself. Sometimes hard things are easier to present with self-portraits than using other people as models. My models don’t usually represent their own personalities in my paintings. They are portrayed as characters. However, I find it important that my models are “real people” and not just some pictures I have found on the magazines. I have also gained a lot of inspiration using my own childhood photos that I have found from my family photo albums.

In my paintings I often explore the life of young women. Sometimes there are difficult things, such as depression, fear, forgetting and being forgotten. Sometimes there are happier things, finding oneself and thoughts about women’s position in contemporary society.